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A True Name is one of the Three Names every person has. The True Name is the source of Magic. It is also the only name that Trolls have. Most people don't know their own True Name. It is rumoured that a sorcerer that knows their True Name is more powerful than the Ancients themselves, and can take on the Faceless Ones without a weapon. Every person has their True Name, along with their other two names, listed in the Book of Names which has been destroyed. However, there are more ways to find out someone's True Name.[1]


If someone else knows a sorcerer's True Name before they seal it, they can use it to control the sorcerer in question. Once a second sorcerer uses someones true name against the first, the owner of the name cannot seal it.

There are several ways to seal your True Name.[2] One way is through a complicated surgery, involving your organs being taken out. Doctor Nye is the only one known to use in this method. The heart of the subject is removed and three symbols are carved onto it. Nye performed this operation on Valkyrie to have her name sealed.

Walden D'Essai presumably sealed his True Name with another method. What method he used is unknown.


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The powers of sorcerers who have found out and sealed their True Name expands with time. Different sorcerers have different rates of learning. Generally, the following abilities can be expected by a sorcerer who knows their True Name:
  • Increased physical abilities, such as strength, speed and durability
  • Increased magical strength
  • Accelerated healing
  • Healing any injury that leaves the brain untouched
  • 'Seeing' magic
  • The ability to replicate any magic experienced, and the basics of other magics
  • Learning advanced abilities in short periods of time, such as resurrection and atomic disintegration
  • The ability to 'see' the energy of souls when they die
  • The ability to deflect magical attacks
  • The ability to give magic to Mortals and/or awaken dormant magical affiliations
  • Telekinesis
  • The ability to remove Remnants from their host, even if they are permanently bonded
  • The ability to process and memorise large amounts of information at an accelerated rate
  • Matter manipulation

Known True Names

Only three True Names have been revealed in the series, however eight sorcerers (excluding Valkyrie Cain and Walden D'Essai) are said to have learnt their True Names. Tyren Lament mentions that three were killed before they knew of their powers, two had their names used against them and became powerless, two lost control of their powers and the eighth is assumed to have obliterated himself.


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