Magic Type Adept or possibly Elemental with a focus on Earth magic.
Power Tunneling into the ground and walls, etc.
Notable User(s) Billy-Ray Sanguine

Tunneling is a type of Adept magic which allows the user to travel through the ground from place to place, the only sign of them having been there is a series of cracks. The only notable user of this type of magic is Billy-Ray Sanguine. Skulduggery Pleasant has stated that the ability is a "focus" of Earth magic.


  • Billy-Ray Sanguine, the most notable user
  • Gepard Voke
  • Persephone Grief
  • Barnaby
  • The razorworms
  • Unnamed inhabitant of Roarhaven
  • Unnamed sorcerers in the war of the Sanctuaries
  • Skulduggery Pleasant, who was able to pass through walls slowly (this was not using Tunneling)


Tunnelers are able to sink into surfaces and tunnel through them. The ground opens up as they enter and closes as they leave, leaving hundreds of tiny cracks. They can also reach through a surface with just one part of their bodies, and can take people with them.

The disadvantage is that the eyes of Tunnelers must be scooped out to make room for the magic. They gradually regain sight, but can see in the dark and don't handle brightness well.

Sanguine was able to tunnel through a person. It is unknown if this is a known Tunneling method.

They are also immune to magic-binding and can escape any cell.