The Unnamed Remnant appeared in Dying of the Light when it possessed Dexter Vex and kidnapped Alice Edgley. It was released by Darquesse, along with all the other Remnants.

The Unnamed Remnant attacked Valkyrie Cain and her parents, Desmond and Melissa Edgley, in order to capture Alice. Valkyrie and her parents trail the possessed Dexter Vex to a town completely taken over by Remnants. There, the Unnamed Ramnant explains its deal to Valkyrie: Valkyrie will take the possessed Dexter Vex to China Sorrows, now Grand Mage, to discuss a joint effort in defeating Darquesse. If Valkyrie refuses, it will kill Alice.

Desmond, Melissa, and Valkyrie drive together with the possessed Dexter to Roarhaven. It fled after seeing Valkyrie develop her lightning powers and kill Vincent Foe and Samuel.

It participated in the final battle, and ordered its Remnant brethren to possess Darquesse at the same time in an attempt to subdue her. Unfortunately, Darquesse was too strong and killed all of them. The Unnamed Remnant was torn out of Dexter Vex by Darquesse, possibly killing Dexter in the process. It was last seen flying away from Darquesse; its whereabouts are unknown.


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