Unnamed Troll
Character Information
True Name Ralph
Species Troll
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death June 2007
Magic None
Location Westminster Bridge (formerly)

The Troll beneath Westminster Bridge was the only Troll in London, until it was killed by Tanith Low. Derek Landy later revealed on Twitter that the trolls true name was Ralph.[1]


Skulduggery Pleasant

The troll lived in London, under Westminster Bridge, where it would pop out at midnight and play a game with whoever was passing by. They would get three chances to guess the trolls name, and if they failed, they were eaten. Tanith Low approached the troll saying she wanted to play the game, and tried to distract it by guessing ridiculous names so she could kill it. It didn't work, and the troll grew to its full size, engaging in a fight with Tanith, ending with her decapitating it.


As most trolls, he was ugly, with a small and wrinkled face, large ears and huge eyes. He had spiky black hair, sharp yellow teeth and hard, pointed fingernails. At midnight, when he was strong, he grew to almost twice the size of a human being, with a broad chest, thick neck and arms and legs bulging with muscles. When not at his fullest strength, he was about waist height, with thin arms and legs and a bloated belly.




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