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Hello everyone!

I am terribly sorry for be inactive as of late. Things have happened in real life lately, but I have to admit I have been coming here less due to other internet-commitments and forgetfulness.

I think the first and most imporant thing I need to do is thank Marino312. Without him, this place would look more messy and nothing would have happened. Thank you, Marino. :)

Now, onto the stuff. Book nine is coming out in two months from today. Ideally, everything concerning the previous books is updated and there's nothing to do but wait until there's new content. That's never going to happen, but we can try and get as close as possible.

The first thing to do, is to fill in information on all articles that need more information. I've never been any good at filling in plot and stuff, so this is far from my forte. I can check spelling and grammar however, so you don't need to worry if you make a few mistakes. Please leave removing the MissingBiography to the admins (myself, Marino312 and Blogman12).

The second really helpful thing, would be creating pages from the long list of wanted pages. We don't need any of the "Template talk" pages just yet, but pretty much everything else on there needs to be created.

Another helpful thing, is fixing up dead-end pages. These are pages that have no links or templates. This list is considerably shorter, but just as important.

If you're still with me, the article stubs need some love. These pages mainly just need to be organised and grammatically looked over.

Helping out in any way is greatly appreciated. Even if you fix one spelling mistake a week, it all helps. I have to thank everyone so much for keeping this wiki alive, especially in recent times when editing has picked up. I'll try to be more active, but I'll focus on keeping the place clean and fixing broken code.

Oh, and as an added incentive: If you're a really good contributor I'll consider adding another admin to the roster, since there might be a huge flux of new users and in the worst case scenario vandalism. The more prepared we are for that kind of stuff the better.

Thanks once again, everyone.

--TDG (Talk) 05:44, June 29, 2014 (UTC)