For anybody who wants a cohesive narrative of the Theatre of Shadows interactive event, here are some useful resources:

Elev8 videos:

This children's programme on RTÉ (Ireland's T.V Broadcaster) provided an in-depth account of the event from the Live Operatives' point of view:

News Articles

Provides another account: Following in the footsteps of Skulduggery Pleasant…

Short Story

The Short story released by Derek Landy is available to read online and tells the account from some of the character's point of view: My dearest Operatives. It will be edited and re-released in the paperback of Armageddon Outta Here.


The Theatre of Shadows mini-site contains information about Silas Nadir while social media tell the tale of Seamus T Steepe and the goings-on in The Ofiice of Elder Erskine.