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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"These weren't the vampires she'd seen on TV; these weren't sexy people in long coats and sunglasses. These were animals."
Valkyrie Cain describing a vampire in her mind, Skulduggery Pleasant

Vampires are humans who suffer from a magical disease that is transmitted by the bite of another vampire. At nightfall, they transform from their human form, into their vampire form, a pale and hairless beast consumed by blood lust.


When night comes they rip off their skin and turn into vicious killer beasts that seek out blood at any costs. Before becoming a vampire one will be an Infected, a creature that follows the orders of the vampire that bit it. After two nights, the Infected will transform into a true vampire.

Vampire Code

Most vampires held to a strict code which included the following rules:

  • A vampire may not kill another vampire, even if the victim has broken the code.

Other rules have not been revealed yet, although it is implied that they are against vampires fraternizing with humans.

Dusk, despite sticking by the code, killed Moloch when he learnt that Moloch was the one who turned him. Caelan killed Hrishi in anger, and Victor killed before learning of the code. No other code breakers are named, but Samuel is never mentioned to stick by it and is not associated with any other vampires and Isara is not too loyal to the code.


They posses super human strength and agility. Their speed and agility has often been described as unnatural and inhuman as they can make no sound whilst walking. All vampires have an extreme weakness to salt water with the exception of newly turned Infected. Should a vampire swallow salt water, they suffer an extreme allergic reaction, one that causes their throat to constrict, leading to their suffocation. It is unknown if immediate medical aid could save a vampire in these conditions.

They have extremely powerful sense as shown by Caelan when he claimed he could hear Valkyrie's hearbeat and track her after he had tasted her blood.

However, a vampire can use a concoction of hemlock and wolfsbane to stay in human form during the night. One particular vampire uses his powers to his advantage.

Vampires are fundamentally immortal, and unlike normal Sorcerers, do not age and can, in theory, live forever.[1]

When a mage is turned into a vampire, they keep any magic they previously had, unlike zombies.

When they are on their serum they are itchy and annoyed because of it.

In the Books

Skulduggery Pleasant

When Skulduggery and Valkyrie go to a gallery to get some information on the Sceptre, they find two Vampires guarding the gallery during the night. The two just escape from the Vampires.

Playing With Fire

Baron Vengeous hires Dusk, a powerful Vampire, to abduct Valkyrie. He creates an army of Infected. At the Edgley reunion, Valkyrie is chased by the army of Infected, and she leads them to the Pier, where they jump into the water and most die. Twice in the book, Valkyrie injures Dusk while he is transforming, and on one occasion slashes Dusk with Billy-Ray Sanguine's blade, which creates scars that do not heal. Because of this, Dusk holds a grudge against her.

At the end of the book, Valkyrie and Skulduggery engage into a fight with a Vampire.

Dark Days

While Skulduggery is in the Faceless One's realm, Valkyrie gains the help of a Vampire called Caelan who sets up a meeting between her and Thames Chabon, who is believed to have Skulduggery's Skull.

A group of Vampires, led by Dusk, raid The Irish Sanctuary, where many sorcerers and Cleavers are killed.

Later, Valkyrie, Skulduggery and Caelan are taken to another Vampire called Moloch, who makes Valkyrie fight with many Infected. Valkyrie is then kidnapped by Dusk, but is later saved by Skulduggery.

Mortal Coil

Caelan is the only Vampire in the fifth book, where he declares his love for Valkyrie, who declines him as she is with Fletcher Renn.

Death Bringer

Caelan is again the only Vampire in the sixth book, who still tries to convince Valkyrie that he loves her. Valkyrie starts seeing him, and breaks up with Fletcher. Caelan begins to watch Valkyrie and defend her. Examples are when Melancholia St Clair attacked her, he burst through her house but failed to defeat Melancholia. Another is when Ian Moore attacked her, Caelan wanted to attack him. At the end of the book, Valkyrie drowns him.

The End of the World

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The Maleficent Seven

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Last Stand of Dead Men

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China tells Valkyrie that, despite complaints and warnings, she lets Vampires have an entire section of the city to themselves and all the Wolfsbane they need to stop them from harming the citizens with resounding success.


Vampires are best described as pale and bald with big black eyes. They look human in the day, albeit paler and they move too "gracefully".


  • Vampires do not age
  • Vampires only have one name

Known Vampires

For a full list, see Category:Vampires.


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