Vandameer Craven
Character Information
Taken Name Vandameer Craven
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2011
Magic Necromancy
Weapons Amulet
Titles Cleric, High Priest
Location Deceased
Relations Unnamed daughter

Vandameer Craven was a Necromancer who is always seen by the side of High Priest Tenebrae. He was frequently seen arguing with Solomon Wreath, who believes Craven is an idiot who gained power by agreeing with every word the High Priest ever says. Craven does not believe Valkyrie is the Death Bringer and has began to groom Melancholia St Clair to become Death Bringer.


Dark Days

Craven makes his first appearance outside the Temple. Craven, along with Tenebrae and Quiver, ask for the Soul Catcher back. Craven argues with Wreath, telling him that Valkyrie is not the Death Bringer, but Wreath is stubborn.

Mortal Coil

Craven appears with Quiver and Tenebrae, and once again argue with Wreath, who still believes that Valkyrie is the Death Bringer. Later on, he witnesses Wreath being told off by Tenebrae. Happy with this, he visits Melancholia St Clair and tells her she has the potential to be the Death Bringer. He begins training with her.

Death Bringer

Craven is first seen talking to Melancholia St. Clair. He has her tied to an operating table of sorts and has carved many intricate symbols all over her body so she can absorb the power of the Surge and harness it to become the Death Bringer. When Melancholia begs for release, Craven refuses her demands until he notices that she is performing Necromancy from upon the table where her powers should be bound without even knowing it. Satisfied that he has now succeeded in "creating" the Death Bringer, Craven releases Melancholia and showed her to Tenebrae. Melancholia kills Tenebrae, shortly before the Temple is raided by Sanctuary agents. Craven and Melancholia escape the Temple, along with Solus , Adrienna Shade , The White Cleaver , and Solomon Wreath. At the next safe house, Wreath attempts to assassinate Craven with a dagger, but is noticed and Wreath flees. The safe house is then raided by more agents, and Melancholia's reflection is killed.

Underneath The Requiem Ball, Craven witnesses the life force of 300 people being sapped by Melancholia. Melancholia then kills Solus and Shade, and takes Craven into the underground caverns beneath the house. They are both chased by Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain, Melancholia engages Pleasant in combat, and Craven attacks Valkyrie. While Melancholia throws Skulduggery to the floor, Craven shouts at Skulduggery that everything is over. Skulduggery responds by shooting Craven in the forehead.

The Dying Of The Light

Craven appears as a ghost in the Necropolis during the second test.


As a Necromancer, Craven has control over darkness and shadows, mainly using them to create fists and blades of darkness. The object that Craven used for inhabiting his magic is his amulet.


In Dark Days, Wreath described Craven as good looking and the exact opposite of Nathanial Quiver. From his point of view, Craven appeared puny and inconspicuous.


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Death Bringer
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