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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Vincent Foe
Character Information
Taken Name Vincent Foe
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Energy-Thrower
Location Deceased

Vincent Foe was a nihilist and the leader of a group of four sorcerers.


The End of the World

After seeing Ryan burn himself, he tries to kidnap him, but fails. At the mall, in the final battle of the End of the World, he flees from the mall after Samuel turns into a vampire. The rest of Foe's gang are arrested.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

Foe and the rest of his nihilist group are broken out of prison by the Supreme Council and paid to hunt and kill China Sorrows. After failing twice to capture China, they are trapped temporarily outside the Roarhaven shield, until Ravel orders them to come in and obey China Sorrows. He and the rest of his gang are tortured magically by China, and agree to serve her on pain of death.

The Dying of the Light

He destroys The Church of the Faceless as ordered by China. He later meet Darquesse in a pub and agrees to serve her. He is later killed by Valkyrie Cain.


Vincent Foe is a powerful Energy-Thrower. He emits the stream from his hand


The End Of The World
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