"My master is going to think I'm a fool if I can't get one stupid little key off one stupid little girl!"
— Vindick Leather attacks Stephanie Edgley, Skulduggery Pleasant (book)
Vindick Leather
Character Information
Taken Name Vindick Leather[1]
Species Human[2]
Gender Male[2]
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2007[2]
Magic Adept[2]
Weapons None
Location Deceased

Vindick Leather was an Adept and follower of the Faceless Ones. In 2007, he was tasked with retrieving the key to the maze that housed the Sceptre of the Ancients by Nefarian Serpine. He attempted to break into Gordon Edgley's house but was unaware that Stephanie Edgley was inside. After a short struggle, Skulduggery Pleasant arrived and drove him away. He attacked the duo once again near a canal in Haggard but because he was impervious to fire, he was killed when he fell into the water.[2]


Early life

Vindick Leather was born too late to be of real use to Mevolent's forces but believed that Nefarian Serpine would continue to lead them and one day open the portal to summon the Faceless Ones. At some point in his life, he became an Adept and chose to make himself immune to fire. Because total submersion in water was therefore deadly to him, he only took showers instead of baths.[1]

Mission to retrieve the key

In 2007, Leather was tasked with retrieving the key to the maze housing the Sceptre of the Ancients by Nefarian Serpine. He traveled to Gordon Edgley's house, fully aware that he had passed away, and rung the home phone to check if anyone was inside. To his surprise, Stephanie Edgley answered and he tried to get her to reveal her Given Name. She hung up on him and he consequently broke into the house through the window. He attacked her and demanded to know where the key was hidden but Skulduggery Pleasant arrived in a bid to rescue her. The detective hurled a fireball at Leather, only to find out that the Adept was impervious to fire. Leather mocked Skulduggery who then responded by shooting him in the shoulder with his revolver. Leather fled the house whilst still on fire.

Soon after, Leather returned and crashed into Skulduggery's Bentley. He pulled Stephanie out of the wreck and demanded to know where the key was once again. She managed to evade him until he caught up with her but during the struggle they fell into a canal. Because he was immune to fire, water was his weakness so he died when his body was torn apart by the water. Skulduggery later revealed that "the cost of that little spell was that a large amount of water would be lethal. Every big spell has a hidden snag."[2]




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