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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Magic Type Adept
Power Generating and using light in combat
Notable User(s) Charivari

Warlocks use a particularly dark kind of magic, the caster's mouth transforms to enable them to eat the soul of their defeated enemy therefore gaining their strength/power.


Warlocks can consume souls. When a Warlock consumed a soul their mouth would widen and their teeth would turn bigger, darker and stronger and looked like they could 'tear through bone and gristle'. This process allowed the Warlock to consume the victim's magical energy to replenish their own. Warlocks are also able to manipulate light to burst from their palm where it was described the skin would 'bubble and boil' the beam would paralyze targets and not cause lethal damage. When wounded, light bursts from the would and heals the wound. When their powers are bound, (such as wearing shackles) they self-destruct by bursting into light, leaving only their clothes behind, so it is presumed that the explosion is non-destructive but likely lethal in other ways as Skulduggery and Valkyrie went into cover upon realizing that the Unnamed Warlock was going to self-destruct. Warlocks can also create balls of energy that explode after time and are unaffected by magic attacks. The light fired from a Warlock can also be used as a normal energy blast or malipulated to white fire. Warlocks may also be able to manipulate other forms of energy other than light as the warlocks were able to take down the sheild over Roarhaven and were shown to open portals (though this may require two warlocks, one on each side of the portal)


The War

Skulduggery Pleasant said that Mevolent tried to form an alliance with them, sending his best people who were never heard of again. It is implied that, like the Necromancers, they are an organised group of Adept practising the Warlock discipline. Although the Unnamed Warlock assassin who attacked Valkyrie and Skulduggery was defeated rather easily, it is mentioned several times that they are dangerous mages. The assassin also mentions that there are many more of them, which surprised Skulduggery as he thought they were extinct.

The Destruction of Wolfsong

The Warlocks sent the Wraith to destroy Wolfsong.

Kingdom Of The Wicked

In Kingdom Of The Wicked The Man with Golden Eyes reveals in a meeting with Madame Mist that he had originally planned to involve the warlocks in his plan but solved this need after breaking Sean Mackin out of prison.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

In Last Stand Of Dead Men, more Warlock powers are revealed. Warlocks have the ability to create Wretchlings, ghostly, decaying creatures that roam at night. They can also create illusions, such as towns that were once full of people.

The Murder of the Warlocks

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Around 2013, Charivari decided to find and destroy Department X a Mortal institution that hunted down members of the magical community. However, when he saw through its non-existence, he instead launched an attack on Roarhaven City where they were defeated with the untimely appearance of Darquesse.

Alternate Dimension

They are virtually extinct thanks to Mevolents Purges.

Known Warlocks