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The Waxworks Museum of Dublin

The Waxworks Museum was the main headquarters of The Irish Sanctuary until its destruction in September 2009.


The Waxworks Museum once was an extremely popular tourist attraction with grand wax figures of popular celebrities, but later shut down, taking most of the better wax figures, leaving the ordinary figures within the museum.

After the first book, and the battle Serpine and the Hollow Men fought with the Sanctuary below (which the tourists never found out about), the owners left the museum, taking the best wax figures and leaving the rest. The Sanctuary continued to thrive under the former Waxwork's Museum, while the owner went to a new location, in a better part of Dublin. 

The Sanctuary and Waxworks Museum was blown up in book four, Dark Days, by the Desolation Engine, thus destroying the Waxworks Museum and the figures left behind by the owner's.


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