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Wilhelm Scream
Wilhelm Scream
Character Information
Taken Name Wilhelm Scream
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Symbol Magic
Location Unknown

Wilhelm Scream is a former Administrator of the German Sanctuary, and he was fired because of his lack of skill. His magic discipline is Symbols, though he hasn't mastered it as well as China Sorrows. It is later revealed that he was a traitor working for Tanith Low.


The Maleficent Seven

Wilhelm Scream was the ex-Administrator of the German Sanctuary who was hired by Dexter Vex for his contacts in the German Sanctuary and moderate skill in Symbol Magic. He is the only member of the team that is not particularly trusted. He is also seen as the weak link, and he is not very good at magic or fighting.

He is later revealed to be a traitor, feeding Tanith information about where and when Dexter's team is going. He rescued by Sanguine and accompanies Tanith to get the sword. Tanith cuts his finger off, because the sword is bound by the blood of a family crest. His family crest. He is imprisoned but escapes alongside Tanith and Moribund. He then runs off.


Wilhelm has shown an understanding of Symbol Magic, though he has not remembered many symbols off by heart. When compared to China Sorrows' skill in the discipline, he claims that he does not have time to study the symbols, thus needing a book and taking time to draw them accurately.


  • Wilhelm's full name, 'Wilhelm Scream', is a reference to the sound effect commonly used in movies that is of the same name.


Maleficent Seven

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