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Wolfsong Information
Name(s) Chant le Loup
Inhabitants Griff, Trebuchet
Part of France

Wolfsong also called Chaun Le Loup is a small ghost town found in France. Valkyrie Cain and the Dead Men travelled through this town on their way to reclaim the Engineer.


The Warlocks once set up a camp. One day three boys from the town went up to take a look at the camp but never returned. Ex-French Grand Mage Trebuchet went up with another villager to investigate and found the three boys on a rock with hands and feet cut off as a warning. The two went up the mountain for revenge but only managed to kill one Warlock at the cost of the villager before Charivari found them. Instead of killing Trebuchet, he sent him back to the village along with the Wraiths to make Trebuchet suffer with the guilt that he brought them to the town. Charivari used Magic to send Wraith unto the town every night. The town was eventually destroyed. When The Dead Men arrived, the magic around the town made them believe it was still alive. However, the people they saw within were actually from a scene that was replayed every night. The Dead Men, after learning how to get into the French Sanctuary, later escaped.

Erskine Ravel visited there over 150 years ago.