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"Once upon a time, they were men and women, but after the Warlocks got through with them, they shed their humanity like a snake sheds its skin"
— Griff the Bartender to The Dead Men, Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men

Wraiths are servant creatures of Warlock which first appeared in Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men. They are normal humans who have been turned into monsters through Warlock magic.

They first appear in the town of Wolfsong in France under the control of Warlocks. They return later in the book when they attack Roarhaven City at night, once again under the control of Charivari and his Warlocks.


In the French town of Wolfsong, the Warlocks once set up a camp. One day three boys from the town went up to take a look at the camp but never returned. Ex-French Grand Mage Trebuchet went up with another villager to investigate and found the three boys on a rock with hands and feet cut off as a warning. The two went up the mountain for revenge but only managed to kill one Warlock at the cost of the villager before Charivari found them. Instead of killing Trebuchet, he sent him back to the village along with the Wraiths to make Trebuchet suffer with the guilt that he brought them to the town.

Physical Appearance

Wraiths are tall and completely grey, with grey skin and grey clothes.

Powers and abilities

Wraith skin has an unusual property that being within its proximity is extremely cold but its boiling hot to touch. They are mentioned as being very hard to kill. Wraiths can also teleport by turning to smoke and reappearing in solid form elsewhere. Using this ability Wraiths can reattach severed limbs.



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