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Zafira Kerias
Character Information
Taken Name Zafira Kerias
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Faction The American Sanctuary
Titles Grand Mage
Location Deceased
Relations Erskine Ravel (ex)

Zafira Kerias was the former Grand Mage of the American Sanctuary, having originally been an Elder.

She was the successor of Renato Bisahalani. It was revealed by China Sorrows that she was one of the many supporters of Ravel's idea of a world run by sorcerers. It is implied Bisahalani was assassinated in order for her to take over and aid Ravel.



She was once in a relationship with Erskine Ravel.

Last Stand of Dead Men

She appeared at a meeting discussing the Irish Sanctuary. Later on, she visited Dexter Vex in his cell and asked him to tell his allies to surrender. She claimed she didn't want war and needless deaths and pleaded Dexter to see reason.

The Dying of the Light

She is first approached by Skulduggery and several other mages and refuses to hand over the renegade sorcerers she is harboring. She tries to kill the Irish mages by means of 'accidentally' letting the Gnarl loose on them, but her scheme didn't quite go according to plan. Darquesse easily disables her energy field protecting her. She is killed by the Gnarl when Darquesse throws her into the beast's mouth. She is eaten and it was mentioned that not a single trace of her remained.


She is based on an American fan of the books.


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