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Zombies are creatures that are raised from the dead with magic. All their magic is used to keep them alive, so they no longer can cast any magic. The magic also removes the need for any food and water. However, as the days go by, they start to decay.

Role In Books

Dark Days

The first zombie appearing in the series was Vaurien Scapegrace. He was killed by Billy-Ray Sanguine, and then brought back to life. His task was to recruit more zombies but not to allow them to taste human flesh, because if they did, they would want more, and that would drive them out of control. Scapegrace made a sidekick called Thrasher, and they made their army. The army accidentally ate a human, so they went on a rampage and attacked The Midnight Hotel. They were all defeated, except for Scapegrace and Thrasher, who escaped.

Mortal Coil

Zombies play a much smaller role in the fifth book, with Scapegrace and Thrasher being the only Zombies that appear in the book. Scapegrace is looking for a way to prevent himself from rotting. While doing so, he accidentally discovers the location of Skulduggery's house. Scapegrace is forced to give the information to Tesseract, and after Skulduggery, along with Valkyrie, tracks down Scapegrace and Thrasher, the two convince them to let Kenspeckle Grouse make the two Zombies human again.

However, since Clarabelle, who was possessed by a Remnant, kills Grouse before he could complete his examination, Scapegrace and Thrasher could not be restored to their human forms. They are forgotten at the Hibernian, until Valkyrie remembers them. But Caelan had already set them free.

Death Bringer

In Death Bringer, two zombies who frequently appear are Vaurien Scapegrace and his sidekick, Thrasher. Scapegrace orders Thrasher to find means of slowing the decaying process he is going through. Thrasher means to find a Freezer Truck for his boss, but instead finds an ice-cream truck - one that Scapegrace is unhappy to have. It has an inflatible penguin on top, and it is mentioned that the zombies had not figued out how to switch off the jingle of the ice cream truck.

Later, Scapegrace and Thrasher go to Doctor Nye in search of two things - a brain for Thrasher and for Scapegrace to return to normal. Their plan fails when Nye gives Clarabelle a paid job, but the doctor ignores the zombies as they have nothing to offer it. This means that Thrasher does not get a brain, and Scapegrace will never return to normal. Not that he was ever normal anyways.

Known Zombies